J.M.R. Cattle Company & Farms, LLC

J.M.R. Cattle Company & Farms, LLC
Business Name: J.M.R. Cattle Company & Farms, LLC
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Our Story

We have an amazing opportunity to raise Texas’ original grass fed beef, The Texas Longhorn! We raise only Registered Texas Longhorn, with the intent to sell as Grass Fed Beef, Potential Herd Sires, Replacement Heifers, Show Cattle, and of course Pasture Pets.

We were blessed with an opportunity to use our families land for this endeavor. I am from Van Alstyne, Texas; graduate high school here; joined the Army from here; and upon retiring from the Army; I have returned home with my family. We have decided to pick up a long family tradition of raising cattle. There are six generations within our family that have used this land for either farming or cattle ahead of me. When I was a kid, my brothers and I  use to help my great grandfather, Daddy Jay feed cattle and I just loved it.

I find a peace of mind in raising cattle and longhorns are both majestic and therapeutic for me. We picked Registered Texas Longhorn for numerous reasons. One they are iconic in Texas, easy keeps, easy on the land, eat much more than just your typical grass, calf easy, but most of all they are the OTHER RED MEAT!

Our county is currently in an epidemic for obesity, heart diseases, and cancer to name a few, and I feel educating people to eat Longhorn Beef will help with these health issues . While in the military I had many adventures, one left about 40-50 pieces of shrapnel in my left shoulder and back, which I still have today.  I later found out that I had arsenic poisoning from it, which made me really focus on what I ate. As I can not control the metal toxins in my body from shrapnel, I can control what I eat and the toxins in my food. This is why I an very adamant about NO hormones of any type in our beef.

I also have a Masters Degree in Environmental Science, which really focuses on the management aspect of toxicities from herbicides and pesticides. Although we do spray cattle for flies this is the extent of our pesticides.  As for herbicides, we spray for weeds if absolutely needed but leave the cattle off the area for months to ensure they are not eating any chemicals. We only spray as a last resort, if you ever drive by the ranch you will probably see me out there pulling weeds so we don’t have to spray, but as my father says, cattle have to have grass not weeds. Our cattle graze grass as they are intended to do, within the 80 acres. We have no feed lots as they eat grass, and are supplemented with  Costal & Bermuda hay in the winter.

Our goal is to keep the iconic Texas Longhorn pure as a breed, carry and pass on a family tradition, hoping our grandmothers and fathers that are sitting in heaven are  happy there are cows, not buildings on the land they passed down. God Bless America, and of course God Bless Texas!!

Our Cattle

We raise only Registered Texas Longhorn from some of the best bloodlines in the industry. They are given NO growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids of any kind. Our pastures are not treated with pesticides, and our hay is top quality hay with the same intent in mind. Our cattle are grass fed and grass finished, they are not given grain to fatten them up at any time. Our goal is to provide a health beef option at a reasonable price.


Registered Longhorn Beef

 We raise Longhorns because we love them, but we eat them because they are so darn healthy for you!

Join us in a longtime Texas tradition, enjoy grass fed and grass finished beef at it was intended. Our intent is to sell Grass Fed Beef in Van Alstyne, McKinney, Dallas and the Sherman area. Our Grass Fed Beef is  both health and affordable.

Go to the Grass Fed Beef tab at the top of the page to learn more about longhorn beef, how we sell it, and what we have available. Request to get on our waiting list as it fills up fast.

Phone: 903-294-8808
Contact Name: Vic Rodgers
Physical Address: 382 Jay Road, Van Alstyne, TX 75495
ZIP Code: 75495
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