Blueline Financial, LLC

Blueline Financial, LLC
Business Name: Blueline Financial, LLC
Business Description:

As your family or business grows, so do your hopes and dreams. But have you planned for the “what ifs” that could happen. What if you want to retire? How long will you need to work? I can help. What if you have only planned for your retirement through the HR department? Have you saved enough or will you outlive your retirement funds? I can help. What if your children want to attend college? Will you be able to contribute to their education–or should you? I can help. Or the BIG What If—What if you are no longer here? Will your family be taken care of? I can help.

What if you are a business owner that wants to make sure you can retain your key employees? I can help. What if you are a business owner and want to offer benefits to your employees but don’t know if you can afford to? I can help.

I can help with many of the What If’s in your life using seldom used strategies with my focus on what works best for your individual situation. Let’s review your plan together.

Phone: 972-658-9847
Contact Name: Charlotte Hooten
Physical Address: 7200 W. University Drive, Suite 268 McKinney, Texas 75071 United States
ZIP Code: 75071

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