Film and TV

Film and television projects of all sizes will find a supportive community and city staff in Van Alstyne, Texas.

Van Alstyne is well-positioned to participate in Texas’ multi-million dollar film industry. Our well-maintained historic downtown is a step back in time and has plenty of parking.

We boast a variety of old and new homes, restaurants, businesses and churches — from grand to modest. Van Alstyne is surrounded by scenic countryside, ranches, horses, cattle — even Texas Longhorns. Best of all, we are conveniently located on US-75 and a short drive to the DFW Airport and Dallas Metroplex.

We have an ordinance and simple permitting process, and location photos are available in the Texas Film Commission’s Reel Scout database.

Filming Guidelines and Permit:

Van Alstyne’s ordinance is based on the model from the Texas Film Commission and is essentially the same as those adopted by several nearby communities. The ordinance applies only to commercial projects filming in public areas such as parks and public streets. So, for example, filming a television commercial inside a business does not require a permit.

Check out our Commercial Filming Ordinance and Permit Application. The below link opens a new tab in

ORD 690 Adopting Filming Guidelines.

Van Alstyne warmly welcomes you and your crew. We have lodging in town and just outside of town. If you need more lodging, McKinney and Sherman are just 15 minutes away on Highway 75. We will be happy to help you find places to stay.



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