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Enterhealth Ranch is located in Van Alstyne. They are an addiction residential treatment center specializing in a personalized and expert treatment approach that is catered to each individual, delivered in an exceptional way that will give the absolute best chance for recovery.

Exceptional care, delivered in an exceptional way.

There are countless treatment programs out there, but there is only one you. One-size-fits-all treatment will never work because a true path away from addiction requires a personalized and expert treatment approach that is absolutely relentless and catered around you. Your treatment should never be dictated by an insurance standard care policy. Instead, you need exceptional care, delivered in an exceptional way that will give you the absolute best chance for recovery. That’s what we’re about – that’s the Enterhealth difference.

From the beginning, we’ve treated addiction for what it is, a chronic but treatable brain disease. Our entire team is comprised of board-certified addiction specialists who truly understand the complex nature of addiction. Our depth of knowledge and experience makes a world of difference in your care. Our evidence-based treatments and protocols are backed by research and expertly applied throughout our full continuum of care. Starting with comprehensive psychological assessments, through the creation of your personalized residential and outpatient treatment plans and at every single step of your journey, we are relentless in your recovery. We will never accept the status quo for addiction because your life depends on us thinking differently, caring without fail and raising the bar for better outcomes. We have always approached recovery differently, and our innovative approach is what makes us one of the most trusted names in addiction treatment.

Elite, board-certified addiction specialists directing your care.

Developed by a hand-picked team of medical experts, our evidence-based program is administered by board-certified, addiction-trained physicians, psychiatrists, and therapists.

(800) 388-4601
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Enterhealth Ranch
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524 N. Lincoln Park Rd. Van Alstyne TX 75495
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