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We are an employment initiative of the Inkorporated Community. We operate a mobile coffee unit in a vintage Shasta trailer.
We are more than a coffee house.
More than a store.
More than a workplace
Or a place to create.
Inkorporated will be a place where we learn from mistakes and loss and we celebrate diversity and inclusion, youth, and humanity.

We are a gathering place that will turn into a human rights movement.

Ink Coffee & Crumbs
A mobile unit that will provide more job opportunities and recognition across events across North Texas.

Ink Coffee & Creatives
The desired destination for young adults in our community.  We will provide exceptional coffee, yummy snacks, comfortable work spaces, creative supplies, and good music (sometimes quiet, sometimes not) all in the same space and invite everyone to stay a while.

Ink Coffee & Community
Establish social groups for people of all ages to create, and learn more about inclusion, disability rights, advocacy, and the importance of social diversity.

Ink Coffee & Connections
Provide training in these various roles and support employers who hire members of the Inkorporated Community.

Inkorporated Co-Operative
Assistance for small and start up businesses for families who are seeking creative ways for their family members to find productive and inclusive work.

Inkorporated Collective
Continued growth opportunities for individuals seeking to become self-advocates and learn more about inclusion, disability rights, advocacy, and the importance of social diversity.

We are a registered 501c3 organization created to model, promote and provide inclusive opportunities for purposeful employment, meaningful relationships, creative expression, and community living for individuals of ALL abilities. Our first target group is the 16-23 year old because we want to be their first and most memorable job experience thereby shaping their paradigm for inclusion.

We believe that an increase in inclusive activities for this demographic will lead to adults who are more intentional in voting, purchasing, hiring, creating public policy, and building community health in general.
From McKinney, Texas, a city that is unique by nature, we will start a grassroots movement that finds and celebrates the naturally unique abilities, talents, and interests of each person who walks through the doors of the Inkorporated Community.


Provide meaningful employment opportunities for 16 to 23 year old individuals of all abilities.


Create community through excellent service and a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere that invites people to belong.


Provide a welcoming environment that discovers and celebrates the unique abilities of each person.


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Dana Leach
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McKinney, Texas 75069
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